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Success stories


“People around me appreciate my work as we are able to generate extra income while sitting at our homes. After my husband and children leave for work, I finish the home chores and then head to the production centre. We all then segregate the work amongst ourselves.

When I received my first pay, I was very happy and I gave it to my husband. He said, ‘keep it, you have earned it.’ My husband is very supportive and wants me to continue working here as it adds extra income to my family.

"Now, I plan to look for ladies facing similar problems and will further teach them how to make chips. It will be good for them; they too will also feel that they have earned something for their family.”

“By making the best use out of these worn-out flowers, I have been able to harness the floral wastage through the formulation of organic dyes. The floral waste caused by the act of generosity in the temples should not be discarded, instead, it could reap numerous benefits for the society. All it takes is the matter of perspective, I live in a community that has borne the brunt of deprivation from employment opportunities. I believe that it is high time these people took it upon themselves to persist and surmount through these miserable conditions of living. The potential that this project carries has made it easier for our community members to learn the basic art of stitching and weaving as we are more familiar with these chores. Adding to these chores, we are even trained in the dyeing process. Now, I look forward to engaging more members to path this path to become independent and self-sustaining.”

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"I have been able to save money to build my own house and provide for my family. I am looking forward to earning and supporting my husband in managing the house with the help of project Utkarsh."

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